Real Estate Investing 101

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A Brief Introduction To Real Estate Investment Financing

If you’re new to real estate investing, this section is the place to start. In it, we’ll cover some of the most important fundamentals needed before even considering borrowing private funds.

Some of those fundamentals will include:

  • Foundational thoughts on the two primary real estate ownership strategies: Fix & Flip vs. Buy & Hold.
  • The different types of investment properties, including some of the pros & cons specific to each property type.
  • A comparison of all-cash purchases vs. real estate financing (including traditional & alternative finance options).

In general, this will be a highly condensed overview of real estate investing.

There are advanced academic degrees related to real estate investing & real estate finance, so remember that this is simply a rough outline to help build a quick foundation.

Hopefully it will provide a basic understanding of broad strategic principles, general property types, and some important jargon & financial concepts necessary for comprehending real estate investments.

To continue with the Hard Money Borrower’s Guide, check out Section 1, Chapter 1 here:


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