What Is A Hard Money Loan For Real Estate?

Wise real estate investors know that hard money financing can be a very useful resource. This is primarily because Hard Money Loans are not backed solely by the credit worthiness of the borrower but rather the value of the property itself. Hard money loans also have lower loan-to-value ratios than traditional bank mortgage loans, since the only protection against default by the borrower is the property itself.

Why A Hard Money Loan?

Our team at Glassridge is mostly focused on collateral (and less concerned with your financial position), therefore Hard Money Loans can be closed more quickly than traditional loans. Our Hard Money Financing Agreements are more flexible than traditional loan agreements because our underwriting process is not standardized. Instead, each deal is individually evaluated. We strive to establish a relationship with our clients to keep their options open and to find the best fit for each real estate deal that they make, including single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, land, and industrial. Our dynamic staff connects you with the best possible Hard Money Funding, specifically catered to your unique situation. Glassridge: your Hard Money Loan experts!