4 Strategies For Real Estate Agents To Leverage Hard Money Lenders

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Most real estate agents don’t work with hard money lenders, because they are primarily focusing on Owner Occupied homes, and therefore only working with traditional mortgage lenders to get their Buyer leads Pre-Approved.

However, this is not necessary, and we will examine 4 actionable strategies for real estate agents (and brokers) to leverage hard money & close deals you never would have considered in the past. Plus, hard money clients will be doing repeat business, and will close faster with less documents required than a typical mortgage loan! Continued

6 Red Flags to Look For With Hard Money Lenders

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Your Hard Money Lender will always want to know about those who seek funding through them. In this same sense, you should know about your Lender. There are literally hundreds of reputable private hard money loan lenders in the US. With that said, there are several other, some established and some brand new up-starts, that can be everything from unprofessional and disorganized, to dishonest and down right shameful. I will attempt to clear up some of the mystique and help you choose the right lender with 6 Red Flags to Look For With Hard Money Lenders. Continued

10 Tips To Make Sure Your Hard Money Loan Closes Fast

Let’s Make A Deal

When seeking a loan, there’s nothing worse than delays in closing. You’ve done your homework. You’ve submitted your documents. You’ve done your part. Now the waiting begins… Fortunately, borrowers can minimize this time significantly. We will examine these in detail as I show you 10 tips to make sure your hard money loan closes fast. Continued

Bank Financing vs. Hard Money Loans: The Cold Hard Truth

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When can you get a Bank Loan vs When can you get a Hard Money Loan

While it is true that most business lending takes place through traditional financial institutions such as banks, sometimes traditional criteria can be difficult for a business or individual to meet. Creative borrowers and lenders can streamline their own loan criteria and terms, evading the formalities and statutes that traditional lending institutions must follow. A typical loan being funded through a certified lending institution can sometimes be referred to as a “soft loan.” Contrary to that, a “hard loan” is generally awarded by a private individual or investor, therefore its terms and interest rate can be less rigid and more flexible than those of a commercial lender. Continued