Lookin’ Good: 8 Inexpensive Ways To Increase Curb Appeal

Although typically the main focus for most investors is to bring the interior of the rehab project up to code, as well as have it arranged with the latest in local fashions, you also should dedicate some time and money to improve the property’s curb appeal. This is the initial view in which potential buyers and renters will get as they pull up in front of the building and walk up to the entrance. We all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression, after all, and that first look is critical as it can affect buyers in ways that they don’t even completely realize.

Keep in mind however, that while curb appeal is essential, it’s also unlikely to increase much of the inherent value of the property. Thus, it’s not something you should invest too much on. Thankfully, there are several methods you can use to improve a property’s appearance without spending the big bucks. I’ll explain them in Lookin’ Good: 8 Inexpensive Ways To Increase Curb Appeal.

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1. Use Your Lawnmower

Mow the lawn. It really is that simple. Overgrown grass is one of the most common signs of neglect, and it can definitely send the wrong signal to a potential renter or buyer regardless of how well kept the building itself is. Since you’ll be doing that, you might as well make sure the hedges, bushes, and trees are all looking clean and well cared for.

2. Gardens Are Eyecatchers

Putting in a brand new garden may not be the best choice for a large ROI, depending on location, size and soil conditions; but on the other hand you can’t let an existing garden grow wild or stand out as a barren plot of land devoid of life. A wise technique is to speak with an expert to find out which flowers and ornamental plants survive best in the local climate without much maintenance. This will allow you to focus on more important things without the added stress of having to hire a gardening service.

3. Wash The Walls

Everyone knows how well a fresh coat of paint can increase the visual appeal of a home, however, often enough a good old fashioned scrub down is all it takes to get the old paint looking sparkly fresh!

4. A Fresh Driveway

There are definitely types of pavement that don’t demand a coat of sealant, but it you will be pleasantly surprised at just how alluring a fresh coat of black tar looks on the driveways and parking spaces of a property with this type of pavement.


5. Rooftop Value

A lot investors don’t even give it enough thought, but the roof is an important curb appeal item that buyers will notice. Is it missing shingles, is it grimy or streaked, are there sloped spots? A solid cleaning or, if necessary, a replacement will raise your home’s curb appeal factor fantastically.

6. Look For The Numbers

If the address numbers are difficult to see or if they’re filthy and grubby, replacing them will carry a great impact. Take the style of your house into consideration – traditional, transitional or modern – and then create either a balanced or contrasting effect with the new address numbers.

7. Don’t Close It Off

Open up those shutters, fling open the curtains pull back those blinds. Properties that have a brighter inside have shown to sell faster. Also, open curtains are more visually appealing from the street. Take a look at your window treatments from the street, and do your best to keep a uniform look throughout.

8. Light Up The Way

Giving your walkway an edge with solar light fixtures, (which are very inexpensive and easy to install) can add tremendous appeal to your property. Solar lights are affordable, that way you can place them where they highlight the most appealing attributes – landscaping, walking paths and any custom fixtures.

Why Be Concerned With Curb Appeal?

For some, using curb appeal techniques to attract potential renters or buyers can feel like an underhanded way to manipulate them. The truth is, it’s not. When you consider how common and inexpensive it is to improve a property’s aesthetics, not only can anyone who’s selling or renting a property do it, but you’re actually allowing buyers to judge the property on its true merits, rather than on a negative judgement they don’t even realize they make.

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