Single Family Rental Property Loans

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Glassridge provides Single Family Rental Property Investment Loans for real estate investors looking to Buy & Hold Single Family Residences (SFRs).

Single Family Rental Properties are a hot commodity in today’s ever changing real estate market. With everyone getting into the business of Single Family Home Rentals, from small portfolio Mom & Pop investors, to institutional funds like Blackstone & AH4R, this real estate niche is a uniquely evolving marketplace.

Glassridge’s Single Family Rental Property Loans can provide you with the necessary long-term, Buy & Hold funding to profitably build your own portfolio of these dependable, accessible single family investments at competitive rates and terms.

Glassridge Single Family Rental Property Loans

The Single Family Rental Property Hard Money Loan rates & terms listed below are subject to change, and will not apply universally. These are just rough ballpark rates & an outline of the typical terms.

Eligible Property Types: Single Family Residences (SFRs), 2 – 4 Unit Multiplexes
Eligible Uses: Acquisition, Refinance, and/or Renovations.
Loan Term: 2 – 30+ years.
Min. Loan Balance: $70k – $100k, (click here for low balance (<$70k) hard money loans).
Max LTV (Purchase Price): 65% – 80%, with up to 90%+ for highly qualified repeat Borrowers.
Max LTV (Rehab Costs): 90% – 100%
Interest Rate: 6.75% – 10%
Rate Type: Fixed and Variable Rates Available.
Origination Fee: 2% – 4%
Processing Costs: $395 – $695

About Glassridge Single Family Rental Property Loans

Single Family Residence (SFR) Rental Property Loans are an often overlooked Hard Money option.

Most people think of Hard Money as short-term financing for Fix & Flip. But our SFR Rental Property Hard Money Loans range from 5 to 40 years! They also come with some of the most reasonable rates of any Hard Money product, because they compete directly with FHA Insured bank mortgages.

In more locations, more individuals & families are choosing to rent rather than buy, and a stand-alone single family home is the undeniable preference of millions. This, plus the SFR Rental Property’s potential to provide a reliable and substantial monthly income, make them a great target investment.

Since many traditional banks will absolutely finance SFR rental investments, the key is understanding where bank financing & hard money are different.

Differences Between Bank Mortgages & Hard Money Rental Property Loans

First of all, if your portfolio includes more than 10 distinct properties, that will be your absolute maximum of FHA insured, traditional bank mortgages. Sometimes this limit is lower still, so if you’re building a portfolio with many SFRs, chances are you’ll max out soon.

Glassridge Single Family Rental Property Hard Money Loans do not have any artificial cap on how many different properties you can finance. Indeed, we also offer Blanket Portfolio Loans if you want to bundle multiple SFRs into a single loan to simplify financing dozens or even hundreds of properties.

Our Hard Money SFR Rental Loans also are much more flexible than traditional bank loans. We consider each deal on a case-by-case basis, and can provide a wide range of options.

Generally, the bare minimum loan amount we’ll be able to fund is $50k – $70k, depending on location.

Other than that, we can consider all types of Single Family Rental Property Loans, including loans for special criteria scenarios like low credit scores, Foreign Nationals, as well as Low Doc and even No Doc options.

Getting Started With A Single Family Rental Property Loan

The 2 most important factors in closing on your Single Family Rental Property Hard Money Loan will be:

  1. The actual property. Including address, as-is value, current rent, current expenses, and ARV (if applicable).
  2. Use of the loan. Acquisition or refinance? Any repair or renovation costs?

That means when getting ready to apply or pre-qualify for SFR Rental Property Loans, you’ll need to be sure to have the property details (as accurate as possible), your plan for the loan, and your details as the Borrower.

If you’d like to get a clearer picture of how a Single Family Rental Property Loan could help improve your real estate investment portfolio, please feel free to fill our our quick, online 2 Minute Pre-Qual™ or simply contact us to discuss your situation.