Hard Money Bridge Loans

Short Term Real Estate Hard Money Loans

At Glassridge, we offer  Real Estate Bridge Loans.  These are traditionally used by an investor who needs very short term funding to “bridge” a gap between closings or has a “cash shortfall” for a brief period.

However, some of our underwriters refer to practically any loan of a term up to 12 months as a “bridge loan,” including what we separately focus on as fix & flip hard money loans.

Understanding Real Estate Hard Money Bridge Loans

Whatever you want to call it, all private lenders agree: a real estate bridge loan is short-term real estate financing.

While you might use a Hard Money Bridge Loan to actually take title (or even put up earnest money) on a quick wholesale flip, or to cover closing costs and down payment on an investment you intend to quickly refinance, if your turnaround is quick enough a “bridge” loan can even be used as a quick & dirty fix and flip acquisition and/or rehab fund.

Ultimately, hard money bridge loans for real estate investors are about a fast turnaround, which also tends to mean higher rates. The good news is borrowing a real estate bridge loan from a private lender like Glassridge means you can act as a cash buyer & purchase properties that the banks wouldn’t touch (without putting up 100% of your own money).

In fact, some of our Hard Money Bridge Loans can even cover up to 90% of a fix & flip purchase & rehab cost (in some states, for qualified borrowers).

The most important factor is finding the right financing that will best match your situation. Glassridge is a broker first, in the true sense of the word, and we’ll have matched lenders competing over your hot deals.

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