About Glassridge: Real Estate Lenders

Glassridge was founded on a simple principle: put the Real Estate Investor first.

We’re hard money by real estate investors, for real estate investors.™

The company’s CEO, Marshall Hatfield, is a flipper, landlord, and property manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also the co-founder of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services, a real estate technology & staffing company, which gives Glassridge an insider’s look at hundreds of real estate investment, construction, brokerage, and lending companies around the globe. These insights, and a fast growing specialized staff of real estate assistants, telemarketers, programmers, designers, and transaction coordinators, led our team to a simple realization:

There’s a missing link between real estate investors and hard money lenders.

Today’s real estate investors are painfully under-served by the chaotic, secretive, and overly technical private lending industry.

Some hard money lenders are better than others. We’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to research, analyze, and interview the top 500 direct lenders and brokers in the nation, to narrow it down to our favorite 176.

However, even the best lenders still tend to suffer from the same core issue: they just aren’t good at communicating with real estate investors!

Making Hard Money For Real Estate Investors

Everything we do follows from this simple principle, to put the Real Estate Investor first. Our Brokers are beloved, our Direct Lenders are the best in the industry, but the Real Estate Investor is our number one priority.

We don’t only care about the next deal, we care about our clients building successful and sustainable real estate investment companies that will grow for decades to come!

The Big Problem: A Direct Lender Disconnect

Many of today’s top direct lenders are great… at working with Brokers. However, many lack in their ability to understand & cater to the Real Estate Investors on the front-lines actually doing the deals & using the Hard Money Loans to add value and turn a profit.

Enter Glassridge: the Real Estate Investor’s Lender™.

While we are a Direct Lender, we truly operate out of the spirit of a devoted, service-oriented Broker.

We want your loan to close according to your goals & terms, as fast and smoothly as possible (even if we’re not your Underwriter).

Everything we do begins with the Real Estate Investor, engineered from the ground up to create a network of specialized direct lenders ready to quickly fund every type of deal – from Fix & Flip to Construction to Apartment Buildings to Commercial to Agricultural and more.

Our goal is to connect the best investors  to the best sources of financing to close on the best deals. The majority (>80%) of our business comes from repeat customers because we help Borrowers close on profitable deals & grow your Real Estate Investment business.