Investment Property Refinance Loans

Loans For Refinancing Rental Properties

If you want to refinance an investment property you already own, Glassridge has a wide variety of options.

We offer hard money loans to refinance investment properties of all types, from single families to apartment buildings (2 – 100+ units), with terms ranging from 10 to 30+ years. To keep things simple, here we’re specifically talking about long-term refinancing for your rental properties. This type of investment property refinancing is an excellent choice for a rental property you intend to Buy & Hold.

Note: If you’re only looking for a short-term loan to refinance for 12 – 18 months, you might check out our Single Family Fix & Flip loans and Residential Bridge Loans.

Reasons To Refinance Your Real Estate Investments

People refinance their investment properties & rentals with Glassridge for a variety of reasons. The most popular & common priorities for investors looking for rental property refinance loans are typically:

  1. Previous loan term is expiring. If your current loan is about to expire or jump to a higher balloon payment, now’s the time to refi.
  2. Get better rates & terms. If your current loan can be refinanced without paying any penalties, it makes sense to shop around for a better option, especially if you’re coming up on a balloon payment or rising interest rate.
  3. Cash out equity. If you have a lot of built up equity and would like to cash out & use those funds for other priorities, we even have specialized Cash Out Refinancing Hard Money Loans.
  4. Escape an unlikable lender. If your current financing is through a bank or private lender you’d rather not keep dealing with, refinance with a more friendly financing partner like Glassridge!

There are plenty of other reasons to refinance, but these 4 are the most common that we see on a daily basis here at Glassridge.

The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day, you can always refinance your real estate investments. It might not be something you need to consider very frequently, but it’s worth reviewing your primary mortgages at least once or twice a year and shopping around to see if you can get a better deal.

About Glassridge Investment Property Refinancing

Our Investment Property Hard Money Refinancing options are very similar to our other long-term Buy & Hold loans. They’ll tend to have a relatively straightforward process from Pre-Qual to Closing. They’re also one of the more accessible loan products we offer, for both their affordable cost and overall accessibility.

While it will largely depend on the type of deal, location, and borrower, our Hard Money Investment Property Refinancing Loans will usually offer maximum LTVs ranging from 65% – 80%.

Note: Higher LTV refinancing loans can be especially useful for the investor who’s goal is to cash out equity, so if that is your goal, make sure you let us know.

Since we offer investment property refinancing on everything from Single Family Residence (SFR) rental properties, to 500 unit apartment buildings, providing any actual rates & terms will be naturally very vague. Roughly, you can expect to pay anywhere from 2 – 5 Points as an Origination Fee, and 7% – 12% Interest on our long-term Buy & Hold refinancing, which will usually range from 10 – 30+ years. All of these numbers are subject to change, and are determined on a case-by-case basis, so treat these as the rough ballpark they are.

While we don’t have a hard minimum loan amount on this type of refinancing, you’ll typically be paying much worse fees on loans that are $50k or less, since we have a minimum Origination Fee of $2,000 – $3,000 (depending on the type of transaction).

Ultimately, Hard Money Investment Property Refinancing is one of the most flexible types of real estate loan we can offer, so if you’re thinking about refinancing one, or many properties in your portfolio, feel free to contact us directly or fill out our quick, online 2 Minute Pre-Qual™ to get more info.