Investment Property Renovation Loans

Renovation Loans For Investors – Fix & Flip Rehab Financing

Are you looking for financing to cover the costs of renovations and improvements on your real estate investment property? Our Real Estate Investment Property Renovation Loans are the perfect fit, because they’ll allow you to borrow against equity in the property to pay for the costs of renovation, rehab, improvements, and upgrades.

The most popular real estate financing options at Glassridge are our Single Family Fix & Flip Loans, so if you already own the property and just need to pay for renovations, we’re very familiar with your situation. Our goal is to help you leverage current equity to cover rehab costs via our hard money renovation loans for real estate investors.

Whether you need funding to complete a rehab on a project that’s already half done, or you’re looking to borrow for improvements on a house you haven’t closed on yet… Glassridge can help you get the investment property renovation financing you need.

When To Get A Hard Money Rehab Loan?

The obvious (and pretty much only) use of a hard money rehab loan is to pay for renovations on a house or apartment building you intend to flip or rent.

Why a Hard Money Rehab Loan?

The biggest difference between a hard money rehab loan and other similar options like Fix and Flip Loans,  is that the Rehab Loan is used strictly to cover the cost of renovations and improvements to the property… in other words: not to cover the purchase cost.

What is the advantage of a Hard Money Rehab Loan?

The benefits of a Rehab Loan are:

As you’re already covered the purchase price (either yourself or with a 3rd party), the equity in the property will almost guarantee your ability to borrow to cover renovations. A hard money rehab loan can be one of the easiest to get approval for, simply because it presumes you already own or have high enough equity in the underlying property (instant collateral).

It can provide funding for the property refurbishment, loans that are almost impossible to get anywhere else.

With our dedicated and professional underwriting team coupled with our experience and professional paperwork processing systems, we can get your loan approved and funded in a very short amount of time.