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What’s Inside The 80+ Page Hard Money Borrower’s Guide?

This guide was written from a very broad perspective, so whether you’re a complete real estate investing newbie, or you’re a billionaire real estate mogul, we’ve included something of value for everyone. The Guide includes a huge variety of knowledge & insider’s tips, including:

A quick & dirty look at Real Estate Investing 101, including everything you’ll need to boost your basics.

The first section of the Guide is all about the basics of real estate investing, including covering topics like the Two Primary Ownership Strategies, the main Types of Investment Properties, and a detailed examination of the pros & cons of a Cash Purchase vs. Real Estate Financing.

Brief, reader-friendly overview of Real Estate Financing: Simplified to cover all your finance bases.

Here, we distill an extremely complex & technical subject into just a few of its core elements necessary for the real estate investing decision maker. Specifically, we’ll cover the Four Types of Real Estate Financing, plus everything you’ll need to Profit From Real Estate Loans. Finally, we’ll examine Bank Loans vs. Alternative Financing (like Hard Money) to highlight the risks & benefits of each.

Insider’s secrets based on our behind-the-scenes perspective on Mastering Hard Money Loans.

 To conclude the Guide, we get into the really important nitty gritty details of Mastering Hard Money Loans. That includes a brief examination of what Hard Money Lending is exactly, then focuses on the 3 most crucial parts of the entire book that should provide tidbits of value even to seasoned real estate investors:

When to Use Hard Money Loans.

How to Guarantee Your Loans Close Fast.

Tips to get the Best Possible Loan Rates.

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