2 Minute Pre-Qual: Pending Confirmation

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We’ll still try to reach you if you don’t confirm via email, but you must confirm to be eligible for our Glassridge Insider’s Discount:

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A confirmation message has been sent to the Email Address you entered in the Pre-Qual form from “Marshall @ Glassridge” with the subject line “Confirm your 2 Minute Pre-Qual with Glassridge.”

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Just click the link in that email to confirm your 2 Minute Pre-Qual submission.

Once you do, your Pre-Qual will be confirmed, and you’ll be eligible to receive 25 Basis Points (0.25%) off your first loan with Glassridge.

Once you confirm your 2 Minute Pre-Qual submission via email, a Glassridge Financing Specialist will be contacting you directly via email & phone within 24 hours.

Thanks! We look forward to funding your next deal.