Real Estate Blanket Portfolio Loans CA

Real Estate Blanket Loans – California Real Estate Portfolio Refinancing

Glassridge offers Real Estate Blanket Portfolio Loans in California to cash out on equity in your portfolio of 3 or more properties.

Our CA Portfolio Refinancing Loans can be used to liquidate equity from a property (or properties) above and beyond the sum of the payoff of existing financing. The most common uses of Hard Money Portfolio Loans include:

  • Cash Out Portfolio Refinancing. Increasing overall leverage to pull cash out of a high-equity property.
  • Blanket Rate & Term Refinancing. If you can get better rates & terms with a new Hard Money Blanket Loan, it’s a no-brainer to do it.
  • Real Estate Portfolio Consolidation. Consolidating properties under a single blanket loan will reduce payment complexity.

With Glassridge’s California real estate portfolio refinancing options, you can cash out part or all your equity and significantly reduce your current loan rate, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest & monthly payments. Releasing equity also allows you to utilize the liquid funds for additional investments, doing more deals and boosting your overall portfolio ROI.

Why Use Blanket Portfolio Refinancing Loans in CA?

Glassridge offers California Real Estate Portfolio Loans in order to allow smart investors to unlock equity and liquidate cash out of their existing rental investments. With the Real Estate Portfolio Loan, you can consolidate multiple rental properties and mortgages into a single loan, allowing you to continue to grow your portfolio while simplifying payments with fewer reporting loans on your credit.

The benefits of CA Blanket Portfolio Refinancing are straightforward, and are very similar to the common uses of Hard Money Portfolio Loans. In short:

  1. Save money. Lower rates = lower payments.
  2. Change terms. Maybe your old loan expires too soon, or maybe you’re looking for a shorter duration loan.
  3. Cash out equity. Rates are good these days, even for hard money. Now’s the time to refinance and put the cash to work.
  4. Consolidate payments. Too many loans makes paying on time confusing. Consolidation = simplicity.
  5. Portfolio acquisition. If you want to buy more than 3 properties at a time, in a single transaction, a Blanket Portfolio Loan is your best option.
  6. Maxed out Traditional Mortgages. In the USA, you can only get 10 FHA Insured Traditional Mortgages. You can have 10 – 100+ properties under one single Blanket Portfolio Loan.

There are many other benefits to using a Blanket Portfolio Loan for refinancing your real estate portfolio, but the above are the most common that we see among our successful Borrowers.

About Glassridge CA Hard Money Blanket Portfolio Loans

At Glassridge, we’re always happy to work with successful real estate investors in California who will become repeat Borrowers with ever-growing portfolios. That’s why we go out of our way to make it simple & cost-effective to refinance into (or purchase a portfolio with) a single Blanket Portfolio Loan.

Indeed, other than the multiple BPOs, Inspections, and/or Appraisals (required for every single property in a portfolio), the rest of the closing process in CA is as simple as our Single Family Buy & Hold Hard Money Loans or any other Investment Property Refinance Loans.