Cash Out Refinancing Loans

Single Family Cash Out Loans

Cash Out Refinancing Loans are a great option for investors who want to pull equity out of their portfolio or on a single property. We can offer unique products for larger portfolio loans with up to 30 year terms with excellent rates.  If however you have less than 3 properties and are looking to cash out some of your equity, Glassridge can still help you. We have available in certain areas options that can help you release up to 75% of your equity quickly, affordably and efficiently. It is our goal at Glassridge to provide our clients with the best deals in the industry, and our Cash Out Refinancing Loan option is another prime example of how dedicated we are to this ideal.

Example of Cash Out Refinancing

An example of Cash Out Refinancing Loan. An investor owning a property valued at $300,000, with a $75,000 loan or mortgage, would have $225,000 in equity. At a max of 75% LTV the investor could refinance $225,000. After paying off the existing $75,000 mortgage he would have $150,000 in released equity. This is the methodology used by most savvy investors to release tied up equity and seriously grow their investment portfolio.