2 – 4 Unit Fix And Flip Loans ST

Duplex, Tri-Plex, and Quad-Plex Fix & Flip Hard Money Loans in STATENAME

While many real estate investors focus on Single Family Residence (SFR) Fix & Flips, not everyone realizes it’s as easy – if not easier – to secure financing on 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Loans in STATENAME.

If you’re experienced and comfortable with single family flips, one of the quickest & best ways to boost per-transaction ROI is to go bigger.

Glassridge 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Loans in ST

The STATENAME 2 – 4 Unit Family Fix and Flip Hard Money Loan rates & terms listed below are subject to change, and will not apply universally. These are just rough ballpark rates & an outline of the typical terms.

Eligible Property Types: Single Family Residences (SFRs), 2 – 4 Unit Multiplexes
Eligible Uses: Acquisition, Refinance, and/or Renovations.
Loan Term: 12 – 18 Months.
Min. Loan Balance: $70k – $100k, (click here for low balance (<$70k) hard money loans).
Max LTV (Purchase Price): 65% – 80%, with up to 90%+ for highly qualified repeat Borrowers.
Max LTV (Rehab Costs): 90% – 100%
Interest Rate: 7% – 12.99%
Rate Type: Fixed
Origination Fee: 2% – 5.75%
Processing Costs: $395 – $695

About Our 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Loans in STATENAME

2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flips, while still broadly accessible, are also more of a niche product than simple Single Family Fix & Flip Loans. This means that there might be more specific constraints & requirements to qualify.

Similar to all our Fix & Flip Loans, these are going to be in the 12 – 18 month range at most.

Generally, our lowest balance 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Loans are going to be in the $70k – $100k range. Plus, unless you’re an ultra-qualified Borrower we’ve worked with before, you’ll probably need to keep a lower LTV (in the 65% – 80% range), meaning you’ll have a bit more skin in the game than on some of the high leverage single family loan programs.

The good news is, even 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Loans can be attained by Borrowers in STATENAME with less than perfect credit. For repeat clients, there is the possibility of using a no- or low-doc program for a 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip, but it will be pretty rare.

Pros & Cons of Duplex, Triplex, or Quadplex Fix & Flips in ST (2 – 4 Units)

There are of course risks to 2 – 4 unit fix & flips. The market is much smaller, since now you’re only selling to other investors (as opposed to general retail homeowners).

However, the positives of including 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flips in your deal making repertoire far outweigh the negatives. You’ll get better price stability, partially thanks to the higher income-to-expense ratio when compared to most SFR rentals. Plus, your maintenance costs will be reduced, with less core home systems to fail.

But even these practical Pros & Cons miss out on the single most important factor that makes 2 – 4 unit multi-plexes such a special property type (compared to SFRs or 5+ unit apartment buildings).

What Makes 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flips Special?

While their practical benefits are numerous, the crucial uniqueness of 2 – 4 unit real estate properties in STATENAME is as a result of regulation.


According to the US Federal Government, 1, 2, 3, and 4 unit properties are all basically considered “Single Family.”

That means you can still get a standard, FHA insured bank mortgage on up to a 4-unit multi-plex.

FHA insured mortgage on 5+ units? No way!

This is great news for real estate investors, because it makes the financing market for these types of properties significantly more competitive than the options in the 5+ unit apartment building range. More lender competition = better loan rates & terms. Better financing options = more stable market of buyers (to sell your building when it’s time to exercise the “Flip” part of Fix & Flip).

These facts are what makes 2 – 4 Unit Fix & Flip Hard Money Loans special.

We only get paid when your deal closes, so we want to get you funded as much as you do.

If you have any questions about financing a 2 – 4 unit property fix & flip loans in STATENAME, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation with our friendly, US-based team of financing specialists.